PIC®800: Performance Redefined

The PIC®800 continues to redefine sire performance with accelerating genetic gains. In PIC Elite Farm data, PIC®800 shows continuous and robust improvement in traits that directly impact profitability. 

  • Most full-value pigs marketed  
  • Excellent growth rate  
  • Strong feed efficiency  
  • Superior durability and throughput  
  • Excellent meat quality and carcass value

Six commercial trials prove the PIC®800 sets the pace for today’s sire performance, consistently producing offspring with superior robustness and fast, efficient growth. In addition, taste panels revealed that pork from PIC®800 pigs was favored over pork from competitive Duroc sires, supporting packer demands for high meat quality. 

Economic advantage

PIC®800 offspring are more economically valuable than competitor progeny. PIC®800 delivers more full value pigs, superior growth, competitive feed efficiency and high-quality meat. The result is an economic advantage between $2.14 and $6.15 per pig placed.

Market-leading Duroc

Superior trial results and strong customer performance data validate PIC®800 as a market-leading Duroc sire. Producers can have confidence that when they use the PIC®800, they can consistently realize tangible economic advantages now and in the future as genetic improvement continues.