Camborough®: Unrivaled Performance Achieved Efficiently

The Camborough® is predictable and easy to manage. She comes with PIC’s commitment to customer success through economically relevant breeding goals, unrivaled technical support and a healthy supply chain.

Lowest cost per weaned pig

The Camborough® reaches puberty younger. As a result, the Camborough® drives sow herd efficiency with more productive days in her lifetime. More productive days can result in up to $40 per gilt or $1 per pig.[1]

An outcome of reaching puberty younger is lower lifetime feed requirements for maintenance. On average, the Camborough® eats 220 lb (100 kg) less feed per year than competitive sows.

She supports her litters with superior mothering ability. The Camborough® has excellent milking ability with more teats to nurse pigs, reducing the need for nurse sows and labor to move and manage pigs.

Contribution to high-performing progeny

The Camborough® yields the most lbs/sow/year. She weans more quality weaned pigs at heavier weaning weights, with less variation in groups at weaning.

PIC has improved birth weight and pre-wean survival, while litter size has grown too. Over the last 5 years, the percent of pigs born below 2 lb has decreased 6%, from 14% to 8%. Industry research shows that pigs born less than 2 lb are less viable and have higher pre-wean mortality and lower post-weaning performance.

A healthy birthweight correlates with increased survivability, greater lifetime growth rate and improved feed conversion.[2]

Through selection and testing strategies, feet and leg score throughout PIC Elite Farms has improved and maximized sow retention.