• 超过57年的历史
  • 2018年,约有1.5亿头上市猪拥有100%的PIC基因
  • PIC与全球超过70%的领先猪肉生产企业建立合作
  • PIC对全球1000余个扩繁群和公猪站进行遗传管理




Adria Bhatnagar | Genetic Services Specialist | Joined PIC in 2015

“Working in academia or a research-based setting, I struggled to see how the research would be applied in the “real world” and actually help the industry, and I wanted a career where that was more apparent.”

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Neal Matthews | Applied Meat Scientist | Joined PIC in 2008

“You get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry at PIC! I like listening to our customers to understand their problems and then working with them to find a solution for their problems.”

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Joy King | Research Geneticist | Joined PIC in 2013

“I am so fascinated by how quickly we apply the latest technology and how well people work around here with each other. It truly is a big family here.”

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