PIC®337: Heavyweight Champ

The PIC®337 maximizes profitability throughout the pork chain by delivering exceptional performance on the farm and at the plant. The PIC®337’s world-class feed conversion coupled with outstanding performance at heavier weights increases profit for producers.

PIC®337 progeny achieve high growth rates while delivering superior feed conversion, requiring fewer inputs and generating more profit. Excellent feed efficiency and outstanding performance at heavier weights make the PIC®337 the heavyweight champion, further increasing profit for producers.

Economic advantage

PIC®337 offspring consistently show economic advantages over competitor progeny. PIC®337 delivers superior feed conversion, lean gain efficiency, survivability and valuable carcasses.

The result is an economic advantage between $0.63 and $9.19 per pig placed.

Industry leading feed conversion

PIC®337 shows strong and continuous improvement in traits that matter, including industry-leading feed efficiency and performance at heavyweights.

Producers can be confident, the PIC®337 offers tangible economic advantages now and in the future as genetic improvement continues.